Booster Peel & Glow Serum


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An innovative multi-acid serum based on a wide range of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, fruit acids, niacinamide, enzymes, and ceramides.

Mandelic acid helps in repairing damage, brightening
the skin, and improving its texture.

Ferulic acid, one of the strongest natural antioxidants, works to neutralize free radical damage to cellular DNA.

Tranexamic acid is a new generation acid that treats all types of pigmentation without causing irritation or sensitivity.

The Booster Peel&Glow acid serum has a gentle and pleasant texture. It is formulated to offer a solution to a variety of skin problems, from repairing free radical damage to brightening the skin, achieving an even tone, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improving skin texture, and firming. The formula leaves the skin radiant and glowing.

For daily use. On clean skin, apply a few drops of the formula and pat gently on the face and neck. Wait for complete absorption before applying your preferred serum and moisturizer.

* Avoid contact with the eye area.
*Must use sunscreen when using the product.

* Consult a professional before using the product.

Booster Peel & Glow Serum